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I'm copying my FB post so that I can find it later:

Five years ago I wrote a short blog post explaining why GOP is a Fascist party. A lot of people thought I was wrong. I was correct as always. Now, here are a few predictions for the next few years that you better remember.

1. Trump supporters will keep supporting him. He is doing exactly what he promised them to do, besides, they are not the kind of people capable of admitting mistakes.

2. The Republican Party will support Trump fully and to the last breath. He is doing what they always wanted to do, even if they didn't admit it publicly. They are his personal party now.

3. The law enforcement agencies will happily carry out all his orders, no matter how brutal and illegal. They are heavily dominated by people with extreme right views. And, as in any country, they are full of people who chose their careers because they wanted a power trip. They'll have their wish now.

4. Business interests will support Trump because freedom to screw up the population is what they've always dreamed of.

5. Christian leaders will support Trump because reversing all positive changes is their only chance of maintaining influence and wealth.

6. New evidence that Trump is a Russian spy with orders to destroy the United States will keep surfacing, but nobody will do anything about it.

7. There will be a Constitutional Convention at which democracy will be finally and irrevocably abolished, and the country will be turned into a loose alliance of states; the "red" states will then complete their transformation into feudal fiefdoms with irreplaceable aristocracy and fake elections. Some states like Idaho and Wyoming are already there. Wars between states and civil wars within states will become a real possibility; at least a few will break out.

8. Environmental protection will basically cease to exist, and poaching by impoverished populace will wipe out edible fauna, but rapid collapse of industry and infrastructure will ease pollution a bit.

9. Russia will start more wars, and sooner or later someone will nuke someone else. Eventually it will become a norm, just like using chemical weapons has become a norm in the Middle East.

10. As autocracies will increasingly dominate the world, they will keep working hard to wipe out the last remaining democracies, using subversion as well as direct aggression.

And if you expect me to tell you how to prevent all this from happening... there is no easy way. Life is not a comic book, and Gotham will not be saved by a superhero with magical powers (sorry, I'm too busy posting photos of cute bugs). I can only tell you how to start: read this post again and prepare for a long, bloody struggle which many of us will not survive.

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