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Cuba has over sixty species of anoles. Here are those I managed to photograph.

На Кубе свыше 60 видов анолисов. Вот те, которых удалось сфотографировать.

Pinar del Rio cliff anole (A. batschi):

Cuban giant anole (A. equestris):

Spiny anole (A. loysiana):

Slender cliff anole (A. lucius):

Western giant anole (A. luteogularis):

Cuban eyespot anole (A. quadriocellifer):

Cuban blue anole (A. allisoni):

Blue-eyed twig anole (A. alutaceus):

Five-striped grass anole (A. ophiolepis):

Cabo Cruz pallid anole (A. ruibali):

Purial bush anole (A. vescus):

Cuban green anole (A. porcatus):

Central pallid anole (A. centralis):

Cuban twig anole (A. angusticeps):

Green fern anole (A. cyanopleurus):

Cuban brown anole (A. sagrei):

Sripe-bellied grass anole (A. cupeyalensis):

Cuban spiny-plant anole (A. pumilus):

Cuban tiger anole (A. rubribarbus):

and a video.

Cuban white-fanned anole (A. homolechis):

Spanish flag anole (A. allogus):

And one I couldn't identify (probably an aberrant A. porcatus):

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